What can we do for our environment?

Rather than driving, we should cycle or walk, or use public transport to reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions.

Avoid single-use items such as: tubes, plates, cutlery, bottles, bags.Use paper instead of nylon packaging; use glass instead of cans, bottles.

Save water and paper.

Eat less meat, because, in addition to being healthier, meat production “costs” nature more than the equivalent plant food.

Do not throw food away, at worst give it to the dog or a farm animal such as a pig.

Re-use what we can ourselves.

Avoid phosphate-containing products when washing, cleaning and cleaning at home, and use only as much as is absolutely necessary to achieve the purpose.

Refrain from wasting energy. Do not leave lights on unnecessarily, switch off the TV, computer or other electrical appliances if you are not going to watch or use them for a long period of time.

Do not run internal combustion engines unless absolutely necessary, etc. Instead of batteries, use a battery of the same shape (“rechargeable battery”).

Avoid at all costs products with propellant, e.g. aerosol deodorant, buy hand pump instead.