The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

We turned the Tacmee website into an online learning platform, offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of environmental engineering through its specially curated BSc and MSc courses (in English and Mongolian), as well as comprehensive video trainings. By signing in to the Tacmee website, you unlock a gateway to the knowledge and resources that will empower you in your environmental engineering studies. The courses cover several topics, including environmental engineering technology, water and wastewater treatment, solid waste technoloies , air pollution control, waste recycling technology and more. These programs are developed by academic professionals to ensure the highest quality of education.

Courses in Mongolian

Waste recycling technology MSc, Rangeland Management and Technology BSc, Environmental monitoring and assessment BSc, Water and wastewater treatment BSc, Solid waste management and recycling technologies BSc, Material Recovery technology BSc, Hydrology and water resources BSc, Air pollution control Engineering BSc

Courses in English

Water and wastewater treatment BSc, Solid Waste Management and Recycling Technologies BSc, Modelling and Simulation MSc, Life Cycle Analysis MSc, Environmental Operation Units MSc, Environmental Engineering BSc, Environmental Biotechnology MSc, Alternative Energy Resources BSc, Sustainable development and Green theory MSc, Environmental remote sensing MSc, Climate change modelling and simulation MSc, Process and environmental catalysis MSc, Microsensors and controllers BSc, Micro and nanotechnologies MSc, Materials in environmental engineering MSc, Industry and Environment MSc, Environmental Chemistry and Ecology BSc, Air pollution control engineering MSc, Solid waste technology BSc, Climate change BSc, Air pollution BSc

Trainings in English

Water and wastewater treatment, Solid Waste treatment and technologies, Process and environmental catalysis, Modelling and simulation, Microsensors and microcontrollers, Micro and nanotechnologies,  Materials in environmental engineering, Life cycle analysis, Industry and environment, Environmental biotechnology, Alternative Energy Resources, Air pollution control engineering