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Mongolian TV appearance brought the spotlight on a pressing environmental issue: food waste composting. As part of the ongoing efforts of the TACMEE Project, Enkhdul Tuugruu had the privilege to appear on Mongolian National Broadcasting in November, during the annual national conference “Environment-2023,” co-organized by TACMEE (
The conference served as a pivotal platform for addressing critical environmental challenges, with a focus on fostering dialogue and collaboration among public and private entities. With over 30 participating organizations and 150 attendees, including policymakers, researchers, and industry stakeholders, the event was a testament to the collective commitment towards environmental sustainability.
The diverse array of topics covered during the conference reflected the breadth and depth of environmental issues facing Mongolia and beyond. From discussions on air, water, and soil pollution to waste recycling and treatment, as well as the impacts of climate change, the agenda encompassed multifaceted challenges that demand urgent attention and innovative solutions.
As a representative of the TACMEE Project, Enkhdul had the opportunity to share insights and experiences on the implementation of food waste composting initiatives. By highlighting successful case studies, best practices, and lessons learned, they aimed to inspire and empower others to embrace composting as a viable solution for waste reduction and environmental stewardship.