Climate change


Have you heard about climate change? Climate change anxiety is anxiety caused by pollution. 6 simple tips on what to do about it? pay attention to your lifestyle, strive for awareness Watch our ecological footprint use bicycles or public transport when possible Collect our waste separately buy products without packaging or with recycled packaging produce […]

The human


Human’s collective productive activity is transforming the system of his home planet to such an extent that, with little exaggeration, it could be said to have turned against it. An example is plastic, which is so alien to nature that there is hardly any living thing capable of breaking it down and digesting it, especially […]

Healthy world


What is it like to live in a world without pollution? No rubbish thrown away in the streets, in bags in the woods or just dumped by the trees. The air is oxygen-rich, not smelling of sweet, petrol fumes. The water in the seas and rivers is crystal clear, not alkaline or acidic. Soils are […]

Back to school


Back to school is starting… get ready to be green. Let’s look at what’s left from last year, don’t buy unnecessary things. Don’t throw out the schoolbag or pencil case you’ve outgrown, give it to a younger sibling, relative or charity. Look for environmentally friendly, recycled stationery and notebooks. Get a lunchbox, it’s very useful […]

Watch nature!


Sailors used to look to the stars for guidance, and farmers used to watch the birds to see if rain was coming. Nature tells us a lot, we just have to pay attention. Environmental engineers know environmental problems and how to deal with them, they are able to identify and analyse environmental sources of pollution, […]

Earth and Man


Planet-sized problems are the biggest headache for humanity. Depletion of non-renewable resources, pollution of renewable resources, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, air water and soil pollution, climate change, all are global problems that threaten Man. What can we do about it? First step is to abandon the misconception that Man must rule Planet Earth. We […]

Why is the electric car environment friendly?


It does not emit harmful gases when in motion, but is also calculated to have a lower overall environmental impact than its internal combustion siblings. For example, it recovers a significant amount of electricity during regenerative braking, while at the same time not wearing out the brake shoes. The construction of an electric motor is […]



In the process of mining various ores, rocks and energy carriers, Man is indeed grossly interfering with his environment. It is not enough that he disfigures the landscape and disturbs the balance of nature, he also causes the mass destruction of plants and animals. In order to access the treasures of the earth, in many […]

Ecological footprint


TIP! How can you reduce your ecological footprint? 👉 use washable textiles 👉 go packaging-free 👉 separate your rubbish 👉 strive for a chemical-free household 👉 use natural cosmetics 👉 use natural cleaning products